Mengel: Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention 5th Edition (LANGE Clinical Medicine Series)

Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention 5th Edition presents information on the most common complaints, problems, conditions, and diseases encountered by family medicine physicians and other primary care providers who practice in the ambulatory settings. These common conditions, which have been selected from surveys taken from family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics, are arranged alphabetically in five sections. Evidence-based information, including strength of recommendation ratings, is presented in such a way that busy practitioners can access information rapidly. Practical, specific treatment information, including starting doses of medication, is offered. This manual also addresses evidence-based preventive interventions commonly used in primary care settings.

Although most medical books are organized by organ system, we have structured this manual according to typical patient presentations in primary care settings, for example, common symptoms and signs, follow-up needs for chronic physical or mental illness, and reproductive health concerns. In addition, we provide information on preventive health care recommendations.
Section I contains information on the most commonly encountered acute/ undifferentiated problems in the primary care setting. Information is presented in such a way that a busy practitioner can quickly form a list of diagnostic possibilities, perform a cost-effective evidence-based diagnostic workup, and prescribe evidence-based treatment for the most common causes of these complaints.
Section II offers information on the treatment of patients with common chronic illnesses. Each chapter provides practical follow-up strategies for such patients, integrating cost-effective evidence-based clinical management with important psychosocial issues.
Section III is important because many patients seen in the primary care clinics have either a primary psychiatric disorder or a psychiatric disorder complicating the management of preexisting medical conditions. Strategies that effectively identify and treat patients with psychiatricdisorders are presented clearly and succinctly.
Section IV addresses common reproductive woman’s health issues that present in the primary care setting including contraception, infertility, and prenatal and postnatal care.Section V will assist primary care clinicians in the prevention of important diseases in their patients. Authors of these chapters recommend interventions that can be easily applied in primary care practices including counseling, immunizations, screening tests, and chemoprophylaxis. Chapters on travel medicine and the preoperative evaluation complete this section. In all chapters, authors have integrated principles of clinical decision making, evidence-based medicine, and cost-effective clinical management and have considered psychosocial and contextual issues; where applicable, areas of controversy are identified. Where appropriate, complimentary and alternative medical interventions are discussed.
Other useful features of this manual include the following:
  • A convenient outline format and selective use of boldface type to afford quick, easy access to key aspects of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Flowcharts facilitating the diagnostic workup and common management strategies for specific conditions.
  • Emphasis on cost-effective evidence-based strategies, with strength of recommendation ratings clearly visible.
  • Each chapter is introduced by key point section that summarizes main issues.
  • Sidebars in chapters highlight more than 70 specific conditions.
  • Streamline organizational framework makes it easy to find sections on diagnosis, symptoms and signs, evaluation and management strategies.

1. Abdominal Pain
2. The Abnormal Pap Smear
3. Amenorrhea
4. Anemia
5. Ankle Injuries
6. Arm & Shoulder Complaints
7. Bites & Stings
8. Breast Lumps & Other Breast Conditions
9. Cellulitis & Other Bacterial Skin Infections
10. Chest Pain
11. Confusion
12. Constipation
13. Cough
14. Dermatitis & Other Pruritic Dermatoses
15. Dermatologic Neoplasms
16. Diarrhea
17. Dizziness
18. Dysmenorrhea
19. Dyspepsia
20. Dyspnea
21. Dysuria in Women
22. Earache
23. Edema
24. Enuresis
25. Failure to Thrive
26. Fatigue
27. Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid–Base Disturbances
28. Foot Complaints
29. Fractures
30. Gastrointestinal Bleeding
31. Genital Lesions
32. Hair & Nail Disorders
33. Hand & Wrist Complaints
34. Headaches
35. Hearing Loss
36. Hematuria
37. Insomnia
38. Jaundice
39. Joint Pain
40. Knee Complaints
41. Lacerations & Skin Biopsy
42. Leg & Hip Complaints
43. Liver Function Test Abnormalities
44. Low Back Pain
45. Lymphadenopathy
46. Myalgia
47. Nausea & Vomiting
48. Neck Pain
49. Palpitations
50. Pediatric Fever
51. Pelvic Pain
52. Perianal Complaints
53. Proteinuria
54. The Red Eye
55. Rhinitis & Sinus Pain
56. Scrotal Complaints
57. Sore Throat
58. Syncope
59. Tremors & Other Movement Disorders
60. Urinary Incontinence
61. Urinary Symptoms in Men
62. Urticaria
63. Vaginal Bleeding
64. Vaginal Discharge
65. Wheezing
Section II. Chronic Illnesses
66. Acne Vulgaris
67. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
68. Asthma
69. Chronic Pain
70. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
71. Cirrhosis
72. Congestive Heart Failure
73. Dementia
74. Diabetes Mellitus
75. Dyslipidemias
76. Hypertension
77. Ischemic Heart Disease & Acute Coronary Syndromes
78. Menopause
79. Obesity
80. Osteoarthritis
81. Osteoporosis
82. Peptic Ulcer Disease
83. Premenstrual Syndrome
84. Renal Failure
85. Seizure Disorders
86. Stroke
87. Thyroid Disease
Section III. Psychiatric Disorders
88. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
89. Anxiety
90. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
91. Family Violence: Child, Intimate Partner, & Elder Abuse
92. Depression
93. Eating Disorders
94. Somatization
Section IV. Reproductive Health
95. Contraception
96. Infertility
97. Preconception & Prenatal Care
98. Postpartum Care
99. Sexual Dysfunction
Section V. Preventive Medicine & Health Promotion
100. Counseling for Behavioral Change
101. Immunizations
102. Screening Tests
103. Chemoprophylaxis
104. Travel Medicine
105. Preoperative Evaluation

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