Holtgrew: Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians 2nd edition

Covering the role of the veterinary technician in large-animal care, Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to large-animal clinical diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures. Not only does this book show why and how each procedure is performed, but it shows the vet tech's role in preparing for, assisting in, and following up on each one. Coverage of herd health care helps you understand the essentials of behavior and handling, safety, breeds, vaccination schedules, and common parasites. This edition adds case studies and clinical applications in each chapter, and a new section with an overview on livestock management. Written by educator and horse stable owner Kristin Holtgrew-Bohling, this book helps you pass your boards and gain certification, and can also be used as an on-the-job reference. 

Section 1: The Livestock Industry NEW!
  • 1. The Importance of Livestock
  • 2. Livestock Safety and Handling
  • 3. Livestock Reproduction
  • 4. Livestock Nutrition
Section 2: Large Animal Hospital Management
  • 5. Daily Hospital Responsibilities
  • 6. Admissions, Medical Records, and Physical Examinations
Section 3: Horses in Veterinary Practice
  • 7. Equine Husbandry
  • 8. Equine Clinical Procedures
  • 9. Equine Surgical Procedures
  • 10. Equine Disease
Section 4: Cattle in Veterinary Practice
  • 11. Bovine Husbandry
  • 12. Bovine Clinical Procedures
  • 13. Bovine Surgical Procedures
  • 14. Common Bovine Diseases
Section 5: Sheep and Goats in Veterinary Practice
  • 15. Ovine and Caprine Husbandry
  • 16. Ovine and Caprine Clinical Procedures
  • 17. Ovine and Caprine Surgical Procedures
  • 18. Common Ovine and Caprine Diseases
Section 6: Llamas and Alpacas in Veterinary Practice NEW!
  • 19. Camelid Husbandry
  • 20. Camelid Clinical Procedures
  • 21. Camelid Surgical Procedures
  • 22. Common Camelid Diseases
Section 7: Swine in Veterinary Practice
  • 23. Porcine Husbandry
  • 24. Porcine Clinical Procedures
  • 25. Porcine Surgical Procedures
  • 26. Porcine Diseases

Key Features
  • A focus on the veterinary technician's role includes a description of each procedure in terms of the vet tech's responsibilities, explaining why and how the procedure is performed.
  • Full-color photographs and line drawings show restraint, bandaging, physical examination techniques, and diagnostic procedures.
  • A practical approach makes this text useful in classes and in clinical situations, so veterinary technicians, acting under instructions of veterinarians, can plan and follow through on procedures and treatment regimens for large animals.
  • Proper medical terminology and common/layperson terminology are both used, helping you communicate effectively with clients and with other professionals.
  • AVMA accreditation is promoted through coverage of the essential large animal-related tasks in the CVTEA Manual of Accreditation for Veterinary Technology Programs.

New to this edition
  • New section on the livestock industry provides a wider background of herd health care so you can better understand the practices, procedures, and decisions of large animal veterinary medicine.
  • New section on llamas and alpacas helps you understand the health and maintenance of these increasingly popular domestic animals -- in the U.S., there are more than 12,000 alpaca herds and 25,000 llama owners.
  • Emphasis on husbandry demonstrates how everyday housing and feeding affect care of common large animal diseases, including client education.
  • Addition of case studies and clinical applications to each chapter helps you develop skills such as good history taking, decision making, and thinking on your feet.
  • Coverage of herd health care includes behavior and handling, safety, breeds, vaccination schedules, and common parasites.
  • Vet Tech Threads focus your learning with learning objectives, key terms, chapter outlines, and Technician Notes.
  • Other added coverage includes photos of breeds and vaccination and parasite tables.

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  • Paperback: 584 pages
  • Publisher: Mosby; 2 edition (May 12, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0323077323
  • ISBN-13: 978-0323077323
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