Leong: A Color Atlas of Comparative Pathology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

This work began as a small collaborative project in 2007, a complement to our drug discovery and clinical development activities. Our institute, the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD), is a center for drug discovery in the areas of tuberculosis (TB), dengue, and malaria. We aim to discover novel treatments and prevention methods for major infectious neglected diseases. In developing countries where these diseases are endemic, Novartis will make treatments available to poor patients without profit.
NITD is also a center for teaching and training of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, especially young scientists from countries where these diseases are endemic. The institute was founded with funding from Novartis and the Singapore Economic Development Board. Far from being an ivory tower, NITD is able to operate because of the collaborations we have made with academic, clinical, nongovernment, and commercial institutions at all levels. This publication is the product of one such collaboration and without making any grand claims is intended as a simple, useful resource—a visual reference which will allow an appreciation of the histopathological differences of TB between different animal models. It is not intended for consultant histopathologists, but for all scientists and students working in the field of TB.
This atlas provides a visual comparison of histopathological manifestations of TB disease in different animal species and man.

Section I

  • Chapter 1 Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases of the Developing World
  • Chapter 2 Tuberculosis Biology and Drug Discovery
  • Chapter 3 Immunopathology of Tuberculosis Disease across Species
Section II
  • Chapter 4 Anatomy and Histology of the Human Lung
  • Chapter 5 Pathology of Tuberculosis in the Human Lung
  • Chapter 6 Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Monkeys
  • Chapter 7 Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Rabbit
  • Chapter 8 Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Guinea Pig
  • Chapter 9 Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Rat
  • Chapter 10 Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Mouse

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